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3 Ways to Avoid the Most Pernicious Coaching Pitfall

Friday, December 30, 2022

In coaching, transference—an unconscious phenomenon Sigmund Freud discovered—manifests when a client projects magical qualities onto their coach, creating an over-reliance on the coach to solve inner-journey dilemmas the client needs to solve for themselves. These steps can help coaches minimize transference.

1. Understand the architecture of meaning and its methods and models.


All things psychology—such as transference—are questions of meaning, which philosopher Bijoy Goswami defines as the models by which a being parses its existence. A person's beliefs, values, attitudes, and experiences make up those models. When coaches understand their personal meaning architecture, they can compartmentalize their beliefs and experiences.

2. Learn to use the Human Fugue model.

The model outlines four primary domains of existence into which individuals must tune to achieve a more harmonious existence. Use the model to help clients identify the source of discord and a resolution.


3. Adopt the Essence Mining method.

With this method, individuals internalize their experiences with stories and then simplify those stories with a mantra to define themselves. Use the Essence Mining method to help clients identify and analyze their stories, freeing them from restrictive narratives and getting them in touch with a more profound sense of purpose.

About the Author

Danny Gutknecht is CEO of Pathways.

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