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3 Ways to Convince the C-Suite to Buy Into Virtual Training

Friday, March 1, 2019

You know that incorporating live, instructor-led online training into your L&D offerings is the way to go. But what if your senior leaders are not yet convinced? Here's help getting them on board.

1. Demonstrate how it's aligned with company strategy.
Does your company strategy call to be more digital, reduce costs, reduce carbon usage, or embrace flexible working? Chances are the answer is yes to at least one of those. You can use this technique to showcase the benefits of virtual training that are specific to the company's priorities.


2. Get an executive on your side early.
HR or finance directors are helpful to influence first, because they usually have a vested interest in a virtual approach. Once you have them on your side, they can help convince the rest of the executive team.

3. Present a concise business case.
Use rationale and hard numbers to demonstrate how your company will benefit from virtual training. Show how your program will save your company time and money while still delivering on your L&D goals. Do your homework and present a focused approach to make it easy for executives to support your case.

About the Author

Catherine Nicholson is the co-founder of the Virtual Training Team, an organization that designs and delivers virtual workshops for companies around the world. With more than 10 years in the virtual world, she also trains face-to-face trainers in how to design and deliver interactive and engaging virtual training.

Nicholson is passionate about learning transfer, creating curiosity, psychology, science, and business research. She wraps everything she learns from this field into practical tips and ideas that help people learn useful things quickly.

Organizations that she has worked with include Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Thompson Reuters, Salesforce, Burberry, The Bank of England, Chubb, Accenture, EA Games, Maersk, Deutsche Bank, and Unilever.

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Hi Catherine, do you have any data sources on 1) how much more impact is created by in-person versus virtual training and 2) how significantly the learner experience is improved or diminished by going virtual? These questions of course are more relevant if we ever go "back to" in-person training like we had in pre-pandemic times. Thanks, Jo
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