March 2020
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4 Practices to Avoid Barriers to Change

Monday, March 2, 2020

One of the most overarching challenges leaders face is persuading employees to embrace changes, both small and large. However, leaders can employ specific practices that can enhance employees' openness to change.

1. Lead by example.

Leaders who demonstrate their own willingness to break new ground and to embrace new ideas promote an ethos of innovation throughout their organizations.

2. Build change from the ground up.

Genuine and sustainable change relies on authentic buy-in by everyone in the company.

3. Provide support.

Change is a long-term commitment that will require sustained institutional support for team members as they adapt to the new normal.

4. Acknowledge and reward change-based efforts—even when they fail.

Stories of noble failures express a company's willingness to accept a certain amount of risk as the fair price to pay in exchange for the more substantial rewards of embracing a change culture.

About the Author

Randy Laist is a professor of English and a teaching fellow in universal design for learning at Goodwin College in East Hartford, Connecticut. He is the author of Cinema of Simulation: Hyperreal Hollywood in the Long 1990s and The Twin Towers in Film: A Cinematic History of New York's World Trade Center.

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