February 2020
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4 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture for Remote Workers

Friday, January 31, 2020

When all employees pull together, distance doesn't matter. Hit these four notes to strengthen your company's remote culture.

1. Promote together time.


Use video conferences, local meetups, and holiday get-togethers to stave off isolation. Managers should check in daily or weekly via employee surveys or personal calls.

2. Embrace uniqueness.

Let your company identity evolve by capitalizing on individual passions. Does someone love to surf? Suggest a custom screen avatar. Coach kids' sports? Start a message board for like-minded co-workers.

3. Log who knows what.

Virtual offices can host endless games of phone tag. Share a roster of each team member's role and contact information. Quick help and answers to important questions increase efficiency and accuracy—and reduce hassles.


4. Share the company's purpose.

Make sure every employee understands the company's mission, values, and vision. Working from a shared philosophy for a common cause gets people excited about their jobs.

About the Author

Chris Dyer is founder and CEO of PeopleG2.

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