May 2022
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5 Behaviors of Emotionally Fit Teams

Monday, May 2, 2022

With stress and burnout on the rise, it's more essential than ever to invest in your team's emotional fitness, which is the concept of creating a more supportive relationship with one's thoughts, emotions, and other people. The result: less struggling and more thriving.

1. Practice acceptance.


Establishing a safe space for team members to share their emotions and challenges without judgment increases psychological safety and helps teams successfully navigate through constant change and uncertainty.

2. Cultivate a culture of gratitude.

Creating opportunities for team members to share gratitude with each other reduces stress and improves resilience.

3. Apply self-care.

Add breaks between meetings, offer mental health days, and normalize talking about self-care at work.


4. Be intentionally kind.

Small acts of kindness—such as checking in with a colleague—fuels a sense of connection and trust.

5. Answer the bigger why.

Emotionally fit teams focus on how their work meaningfully contributes to their colleagues, organization, or customers and connects to their sense of purpose.

About the Author

Nataly Kogan, author, The Awesome Human Project: Break Free From Daily Burnout, Struggle Less, And Thrive More In Work And Life; founder, Happier Inc.

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