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5 Methods for Creating a Flexible Workplace

Friday, April 1, 2022

An environment that prioritizes flexibility and accommodates all workers is one in which employers deploy the right technology solutions to appeal to in-person, remote, and hybrid employees.

1. Invest in training.


Prioritize training to ensure employees truly understand how digital workplace solutions can help them efficiently find critical information and manage their daily tasks.

2. Give workers a way to engage.

Modern intranets must move beyond old-style, top-down communications tools and give staff a means to respond, engage, and interact.

3. Bring information channels together.

To achieve widespread adoption and realize efficiency gains, use an interface where files, chat, and updates are all in one place.


4. Prioritize cultural connection.

An always-on modern intranet ensures employees feel like they are part of their company's culture and remain plugged into the people, processes, and information they need to do their jobs.

5. Keep the company brand front and center.

Use technology to ensure the company's brand remains at the forefront so employees can experience the same connectivity and collaboration regardless of location.

About the Author

As vice president of product strategy, Sean Duffy advocates for customers throughout the planning, design, and development cycle at Igloo Software. Leading a team of product managers, Duffy applies his extensive experience in enterprise software to the continual improvement of the Igloo development process, delivering exceptional value and quality to customers.
He has been practicing agile development for more than 10 years as both a product manager and software engineer. In every release cycle, Duffy strives to deliver exceptional value and quality to customers. Prior to joining Igloo Software, Duffy spent 17 years developing enterprise software in diverse roles, including product management, software engineering, and quality assurance.

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