February 2024
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5 Steps to Banishing Negativity

Thursday, February 1, 2024

It won't take many lifestyle changes to transform your life from a stormy sea of negativity into a serene harbor of positivity.

1. Identify and remove the negative media you consume each day.


Eliminating that media will lessen the gloom you bring into your mind and body.

2. Watch your negativity bias.

Your negative emotions are stronger than your positive ones. And the closer you are to a downbeat event, the more negative you become. When you notice yourself heading in that direction, change your focus.

3. Take care of your body.

When you're busy, you can forget to eat, hydrate, exercise, and sleep. Like when on an airplane, put your mask on first before you help others.


4. Look after your mindset.

Allot 15 minutes to practice mindfulness or 30 minutes for yoga to slow down and breathe. You can release anger by breathing; taking the pressure off your diaphragm will help you feel more positive.

5. Increase your positivity intake.

Pick up something positive to read or listen to an enlightening and uplifting podcast.

About the Author

Anthony Iannarino, Author, The Negativity Fast: Proven Techniques To Increase Positivity, Reduce Fear, And Boost Success

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