March 2021
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5 Tips for Navigating the Learning Technology Market

Monday, March 1, 2021

When it comes to learning technology, there are thousands of tools from which to choose. As you plot your course and interact with vendors, follow these recommendations.

1. Determine business goals ahead of time.


Sharing this information can help vendors assess your long-term needs and suggest solutions.

2. Provide IT requirements.

Be prepared to discuss data security, integrations (such as xAPI, SCORM, Slack, etc.), and other IT needs to ensure vendors can comply.

3. Estimate anticipated tech usage.

Know the number of users and access frequency (for example, daily, weekly, or monthly) required to meet your needs so that vendors can determine the optimal bandwidth necessary to support your organization.


4. Discuss worst-case scenarios.

Describe specific use cases, and ask vendors how the proposed technology can help in those scenarios and prevent you from encountering similar issues in the future.

5. Address customer support.

Determine the level of customer support you need, and verify that vendors can meet your expectations.

About the Author

Joe Miller is the vice president of learning design and strategy (“LD&S”) at BenchPrep, the configurable cloud-based learning platform that delivers the best learning experience and drives revenue for nonprofits, corporations, and training companies. Miller is responsible for overseeing the Company’s LD&S team, which creates program designs and delivers the most optimal learning experience for BenchPrep customers through the company’s learning platform.

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