March 2022
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5 Ways to Design Quality Microlearning

Monday, February 28, 2022

Microlearning is beneficial to keeping learners' attention because it activates individuals' working memory capacity by delivering information in smaller, easier-to-digest bursts.

1. Concentrate on brevity.


Build learning modules in efficient bite-size chunks as opposed to hours-long classes. Make it short enough to fit into a commute or short lunch break.

2. Keep the content hyperfocused.

Offer just enough information to help learners grasp one specific skill or concept rather than trying to introduce too much at once.

3. Make it goal-oriented.

Use relevant, career-aligned content and offer suggestions on how to immediately apply new skills in the workplace or other real-world scenarios to encourage engagement and boost retention.


4. Stick to hard skills.

Cognitive science reveals that micro-learning is particularly effective for teaching hard skills—such as learning a foreign language, math, and coding—which are reinforced through mental repetition.

5. Package it to go.

With 7.1 billion smartphone users in the world, mobile devices are becoming the de facto standard for content delivery of all kinds, including corporate training.

About the Author

Jan Viviani is an experienced executive with nearly two decades of experience leading mission-driven technology companies in industries such as cleantech and edtech. As CEO of Voxy, he helps to provide 24/7 instruction to more than 4 million learners at hundreds of global corporations, major educational institutions, and governmental organizations in more than 150 countries, with 30-plus industry-focused courses designed to improve outcomes by breaking down language barriers. Viviani combines his focus on people management and operations with deep expertise in finance and internal controls.

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This guy is awesome! His comments are like mini trainings. Just by reading his comments I learned something and will apply the information at the workplace! Very helpful!
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