October 2018
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5 Ways to Get Over Your Afternoon Slump

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The postlunch tiredness you feel could be from a drop in your blood sugar. Here are the five best ways to overcome that feeling.


Eat a better lunch. Avoid the fast carbs like pizzas, fries, and white bread, and instead go for fiber-rich choices, such as veggies, beans, and pasta.



Take microbreaks. Stand up, stretch your body, and look away from your work for a while. Or get some fresh air and take a short walk outside.


Withstand the cravings. Sweet treats will cause an instant rush of energy, shortly followed by the opposite—and then it's all on repeat.


Exercise regularly. As little as a half hour per day of moderate exercise, such as a quick walk, is associated with better blood sugar control.


Replace sugary sodas. Drinking water instead of soda takes away a lot of sugar and will help you stay sharp all day.

About the Author

Elin Östman is a food and nutrition researcher and chief scientist for Good Idea.

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