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5 Ways to Have Satisfied, Productive Employees

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Creating an engaged workforce comes down to meeting the needs of employees at every level, from their basic needs to added benefits.


1. Be compliant.

Employees need to feel safe, and that requires creating a business environment that's stable and legally compliant.

2. Create a healthy culture.

Nothing can counteract a toxic culture; it will lead to attrition and affect your bottom line. Implement strong company values and base your culture around them.

3. Define purpose

Instill your company's purpose. Do you have a solid mission? Ensure your employees have meaningful work and want to support you in reaching your mission.

4. Recognize talent


Teachers know that keeping kids productive is all about getting creative with rewards. It is the same in the workplace; our need for recognition does not disappear as adults.

5. Provide challenges

To keep anyone interested in anything, there must be a challenge and a certain level of autonomy granted. Nothing kills productivity like boredom and micromanaging.

About the Author

Ben Thompson is founder and CEO of Employment Hero.

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