October 2020
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5 Ways to Safeguard Against Burnout

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Work burnout can negatively affect health and job performance. Take time for yourself so you can help others, boost your productive and creative edge, and rediscover joy in your work.

1. Take time off.


Capitalize on vacation days to really relax, whether traveling or staying home to garden. Or take a personal day to do nothing at all. Use every bit your company allows.

2. Tune out.

Carve out 20–30 minutes daily for a mental break from work. Recharge by walking outdoors or sipping a hot beverage. Or simply close your eyes and breathe deeply to decompress.

3. Go silent.

Place your work phone on silent for an hour; turn it off longer when you are off the clock. Be sure to redirect calls to a trusted colleague in case of work fires.


4. Lighten your load.

When feeling overwhelmed, share your stress with someone you can confide in, such as a mental health professional, spiritual leader, significant other, friend, or family member.

5. Recognize the signs.

Don't wait too long to address the cause when you're feeling overtired and fatigued.

About the Author

Tamara S. Raymond, president of Innovative Management Consulting, is a certified leadership coach, career strategist, and award-winning author of Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career.

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