January 2024
Issue Map
Key dates from January 9 to March 29, 2023, are pinned, taped, and stuck as Post-It notes to a cork board. The dates have handwritten memos on them: 10:00 presentation; 18:00; 14:00 meeting; 11:00; 15:00 deadline; 19:00; travel. Next to the notes are full calendar pages for January, February, and March.
TD Magazine

A 90-Day Leadership Assimilation Plan

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Help new leaders smoothly transition into their roles.

The sheer number of organizational announcements of leaders moving in and out of senior-level roles is dizzying. A 2021 Wiley study shows that stakeholder relationships, employee relationships, and perceptions all play important parts in tenure. When those factors aren't present, new leaders—whether at the senior level or not—cycle in and out of an organization far too quickly.


A 2023 Conference Board study reveals that job s

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