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A Game Plan for Peer Coaching
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A Game Plan for Peer Coaching

Friday, February 1, 2019

Peer Coaching: The Wave of the Future


Help employees get by with a little help from a peer.

A deeper level of learning, increased engagement, and advancing toward one's goals are a few of the benefits of coaching, according to "6 Benefits of Coaching for Individuals," an article on the Insala website.

And just as the advantages are far-reaching, so are the types of coaching. Within the various types, too, are varied ways of use. Peer coaching—which, as its name indicates, is a support mechanism between individuals of equal status—is one format that is highly customizable. Among its uses are cross-organizational collaboration and integration, leadership development, navigating change, and onboarding of new staff.

In "Peer Coaching: The Wave of the Future," Shana Montesol Johnson advises on how to get started with a peer coaching program.

Identify a program coordinator. This individual ensures that the peer coaching pair or group has the resources and other support it needs.


Set the foundation. To be successful, participants need to understand program objectives and how they align with organizational goals. The program also should be framed as voluntary; individuals who do sign up should understand the commitment the program entails.

Provide training on coaching skills. Because the individuals involved will be supporting each other, they require the competencies and skills to do so.

Matching individuals, considering logistics, and allowing opportunities for leaving the program also are elements to think through.

These tips were adapted from the February 2019 issue of TD at Work. Learn more online at www.td.org/TDatWork.

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