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Achieving a Sustainable, Results-Based M&E Process

Friday, November 8, 2013

In an era of leaner organizational structures and fast-paced business climates, sustaining a durable, results-based measurement process can be challenging. As explains Holly Burkett, author of the November 2013 Infoline, "10 Tactics for a Sustainable Evaluation Process," a sustainability cycle often includes the following stages.


Recognition. Signs that may be present during the recognition phase include a low investment in measurement and evaluation, significant organizational change, and workplace learning expenditures being identified as questionable.

Resistance. Some common indicators of this phase are new business demands that compete for time, limited communication about the process, and a lack of involvement by the management team.

Renewal. Increased attention to measurement and evaluation as it relates to strategic directions, and increased energy and coordination around identifying where further support is needed, are indicators of this phase.


Refinement. Signs that refinement is under way include: the learning organization is a key player in organizational change initiatives, the workplace learning budget is growing or stable, and best practices in performance improvement and measurement are regularly shared.

These tips were adapted from the November 2013 Infoline, "10 Tactics for a Sustainable Evaluation Process." For more information, go to

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