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Monday, July 2, 2018

Building a Winning Culture in Government: A Blueprint for Delivering Success in the Public Sector


Patrick R. Leddin and Shawn D. Moon
Mango, 208 pp., $16.99

Leddin and Moon write that the key to leading a government organization is to change from having a select few leaders to having everyone become a leader. In turn, government entities can better find and align to their purposes, execute strategies, unleash employees' full potential, build trust, and create loyalty with all stakeholders. You've probably already heard all these ideas, but it's all about context—how do you apply them in a government organization? That's the magic of Leddin and Moon's book. Filled with examples from federal, state, and local governments, it explains how to apply its teachings in organizations that are unlike any others.

Future First: How Successful Leaders Turn Innovation Challenges into New Value Frontiers


Alice Mann
Routeledge, 128 pp., $22

Mann describes "future first" organizations as firms that "get ahead of the pack by innovating within the limits of commercial success while making a net positive material impact on the world's biggest challenges." In other words, they find nasty problems, fix them, and profit by doing so. Mann interviewed more than 60 business and thought leaders at organizations ranging from corporate goliaths to purpose-driven start-ups. Based on that information, she details how to design a company that helps the world, how to lead at one, and how to manage talent in a way that helps these businesses succeed.

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