March 2024
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Friday, March 1, 2024

Lead Without Burnout: Growth With Less Stress for You and Your Team
Ryan Renteria
Stretch Five, 208 pp., $25.99

You can have it all. Burnout may seem inevitable for business leaders, but this book shatters the myth that you must sacrifice aspects of your life to succeed in others. The competition, unpredictability, and work ethic that comes with being a leader doesn't mean you have to put the rest of your life on hold. Renteria posits that you can remain professionally ambitious while maintaining both your physical and mental health. He lays out evidenced-based, actionable tools to succeed professionally while enjoying personal time with loved ones. Lead Without Burnout gives readers what they need to eliminate stress and live a balanced, healthy life.


Irreplaceable: How to Create Extraordinary Places That Bring People Together
Kevin Ervin Kelley
Matt Holt, 256 pp., $28

As society continues to embrace a more virtual environment, have physical buildings overstayed their welcome? Kelley believes they haven't, writing that they are essential to civil society, business, and community. Kelley, cofounder of strategic design firm Shook Kelley, shows readers what it takes for physical buildings, such as restaurants and grocery stores, to attract people and maintain a competitive edge over their digital counterparts. As more companies ask staff to return to the office, Irreplaceable offers a road map for creating human experiences and benefits for those who are adjusting to returning to a physical building with colleagues and managers.

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