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Book Capsules, November 2021

Monday, November 1, 2021

Work Better Together: How to Cultivate Strong Relationships to Maximize Well-Being and Boost Bottom Lines
Jen Fisher and Anh Phillips
McGraw-Hill Education, 272 pp., $28

How teams work together to achieve business objectives is top of mind for today's organizational leaders. Fisher, Deloitte's chief well-being officer, and Phillips, a researcher who has worked with Deloitte Consulting, encourage readers to focus on positive interactions and relationships. The authors delve into the timely topics of wellbeing, challenges that telecommuting teams are facing, and the need for more soft skills in the work environment. In the book's closing chapter, "Leading the Change," they outline a framework for leaders who want to create a cohesive culture for today's workers while also promoting well-being.


Bias Interrupted: Creating Inclusion for Real and for Good
Joan C. Williams
Harvard Business Review Press, 288 pp., $28

This book is a data-filled resource for talent development professionals involved in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at their organizations. Leveling the playing field in the workplace benefits all groups, the author asserts, not just people from underrepresented communities. "You can't bust bias with a workshop," Williams writes. Instead, she suggests bias training should be part of a larger integrated approach that may involve mentoring and other opportunities. Williams maintains that identifying bias is the first step to mitigating its effects in the workplace. In the book, she provides information that TD practitioners can use to form and fine-tune their own bias-busting strategies.

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