October 2022
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Friday, September 30, 2022

Radical Curiosity: Questioning Commonly Held Beliefs to Imagine Flourishing Futures
Seth Goldenberg,
Crown, 352 pp., $30

Goldenberg believes that curiosity is an endangered species and that it prevents people from engaging in original thinking, generating new knowledge, and inviting imagination into their lives. In his book, he promotes a practice of inquiry—radical questioning, to be specific. "We need to bravely embrace the inquiries that have the potential to reorient, rehabilitate, and regenerate the complex challenges that we are confronted with," he writes. Through a series of essays, Goldenberg reveals his Radical Curiosity philosophy, identifying seven themes central to the practice. He also shares his 28 building blocks for radical curiosity, including unlearning, awe-based leadership, collective actualization, and civic imagination.


Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away
Annie Duke,
Portfolio, 336 pp., $27

Quitting—whether it's a job, a hobby, or any commitment—typically has a negative connotation. Consider, for example, the expression "Quitters never win, and winners never quit." In this book, Duke seeks to help readers view quitting more positively. "Success does not lie in sticking to things. It lies in picking the right thing to stick to and quitting the rest," she explains. Using real-life examples of professional athletes, entertainers, and startup founders, Duke makes the case for why quitting is a good decision-making tool and a skill that can enrich your life. She also provides strategies for quitting a losing endeavor at the right time.

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