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Friday, September 30, 2022

From expanding diversity to overcoming job discontent, internal coaching programs can benefit employees and companies.

Coaching, once expensive and reserved primarily for executives, has broadened in scope in recent years. With a reduced associated cost and employers' heightened focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; retention; and employee development in the post-pandemic work world, there are opportunities for companies to explore internal coaching programs to address employee needs.


In "Tackle Talent Needs With Internal Coaching"—an update to the 2014 TD at Work "Creating an Internal Coaching Program"—Lisa Ann Edwards unpacks internal coaching, its benefits, and how to get started with programs that address those noted areas of focus.

For addressing DEI, Edwards explains that coaching relationships can provide space for staff to share their experiences and ideas, build confidence, and practice overcoming their fears of saying the wrong thing.

Prior to beginning an organizational DEI coaching program, Edwards recommends stakeholders determine the current state of DEI and reach a shared vision. Make the vision concrete by developing a list of specific behaviors and skills for employees and others to demonstrate. Next, set a baseline against which the company can measure progress as it implements the coaching program.


Formats such as traditional one-on-one coaching or group coaching can work well and can open opportunities for greater sharing. You also can incorporate a training component to support the group coaching.

A DEI coaching program can create a culture beneficial to all employees and the qualities that make them unique, because we are all human beings first.

These tips were adapted from the October 2022 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at td.org/TDatWork.

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