November 2021
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Cool Tool: Miro

Monday, November 1, 2021

Working on distributed or hybrid teams doesn't have to be difficult. Miro is an online whiteboard that brings teams together in a virtual space for brainstorming and collaboration, regardless of participants' geographic locations.

The online tool can aid distributed teams in conducting analyses, developing problem statements, or planning the workflow of a new process or training program. Trainers leading hybrid, in-person, or virtual workshops also can use Miro for collaborative or icebreaker activities and workshops.


Many of the program's features offer virtual solutions to many in-person collaborative practices. For example, users can drag sticky notes to different sections of the whiteboard. The program also features several templates to promote ideation, communication, and collaboration. Existing templates include flowcharts, mind maps, and service blueprints. Additional program functionalities enable collaborators to share screens, embed videos, and contribute to chat threads via the whiteboard. Moreover, while collaboration can take place in real time for synchronous sessions, Miro also works well for asynchronous groups.

Currently, the tool has more than 20 million users. Join for free for unlimited users and access to three editable whiteboards and other features.

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