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Cool Tool: Ring Mouse

Monday, April 2, 2018

Have you ever stood in front of a classroom, gotten to the end of your slide, and then heard a clatter as your presentation remote falling from your hand to the floor? Or do you need to click on something during your slideshow with a mouse but don't want to ruin your presence by fumbling with your computer?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then you might consider using a ring mouse. It's a wearable device with all the functions of a computer mouse. A ring mouse is designed to fit on your finger, and most are small enough to wear without looking unwieldy or obtrusive. You can use them to navigate a slideshow, open links within your presentation, start and stop video or audio recordings, or complete any other task for which you would use a mouse. Some come with built-in laser pointers, and many are ambidextrous. To use one, just plug an adapter into your computer's USB port—much as you would for any other mouse—or connect it to your computer with Bluetooth.


Many companies produce these devices, and prices start at less than $10. More expensive models often come with advanced features, such as motion-sensor technology, that not everyone will need.

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