May 2023
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Monday, May 1, 2023

When you're developing a presentation, you want to hit a few benchmarks. You need to define your objectives clearly. You want to master your subject. You want to create a compelling narrative to keep your learners engaged. uses features powered by artificial intelligence to ensure you hit those benchmarks with ease.

One feature that makes the app user-friendly is its AI-powered slide creation, which automatically generates slides based on your input. This tool also allows live and interactive integration of content from the internet, enabling you to embed any content into your project. That reduces the time you need to create a visually appealing presentation. Instead, you can dedicate that time to crafting the overall message you want to impart to learners.


The app also suggests design elements, layouts, and photos for your slides, demonstrating its automatic formatting capabilities including font, color, and spacing.

That all adds up to increased productivity for you; you no longer need to worry about your presentation's look and feel because the app's AI-powered capabilities can take care of that.

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There is also Decktopus AI for presentations and I strongly recommend it.
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