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Cool Tool: Zappar and ZapWorks

Thursday, January 2, 2020

With this pair of tools, you can turn your content into an interactive delivery channel, which can be great for learners.

Everything you need to know about Zappar is in its name. It's an app that uses augmented reality that lets you zap stuff. Download the free Zappar app, which is available on iOS or Android, to get started creating zaps—or AR experiences. You will make these using the ZapWorks content authoring tool.


To enable your participants to learn about an object, you must attach a zapcode—essentially a QR code—to it to let them know that AR content is available. Create an account and log into ZapWorks, then add a zapcode onto the content that you're creating.

Be original with the zaps you develop. With ZapWorks, you can create anything from an overlain image to an instructional video. Depending on what you're looking to create, you can use ZapWorks Studio, ZapWorks Designer, or its custom app embed option.

For example, you can scan an image of any existing object with the Zappar app, attach a zapcode to it, create your AR experience in ZapWorks Designer, and publish it for anyone to view with the Zappar app. If needed, you can also send your idea to Zappar's in-house team and they can create the zap for you.

Once you have effectively created this zap, you can instruct your learners to scan the object using the app. When they locate the zap, your AR experience will come to life, adding an engaging component to your facilitation session that you could have never delivered on your own.

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