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Credentialing Strengthens Companies

Friday, March 1, 2024

Create a program that enables team members to showcase their skills.

Workplace credentials are increasing in demand as companies use digital credentials, boot camps, and online certifications to upskill employees on new technologies or other capabilities in a timely fashion. In "Build a High-Value Credentialing Program," McKenzie Day outlines the benefits of creating an organizational credentialing program, such as responding better to customer demand, maximizing brand exposure, assisting with talent management, and serving as a revenue source for the L&D function.


In the guide, Day emphasizes the need to secure buy-in from key stakeholders before undertaking a credentialing program. One way to do so? Conduct a listening tour, ask questions, and learn what your business clients need.

When launching your own program, include the following elements.

Project kickoff. As you produce a project plan, consider naming conventions and legal ramifications. Identify stakeholders and create a RACI—responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed—matrix for each stakeholder's level of involvement.

Credentialing framework. Outline the program goals and prepare a presentation for stakeholders in which you also lay out the business case. Reach out to your marketing team about visual branding for the program.

Vendors and tools. Work with your IT and learning technology infrastructure team to define vendor requirements, prepare questions to ask potential vendors, and schedule discussions and demos.


Pilot. Decide on the pilot cohort, conduct the pilot, evaluate results, and consider (with business partners) how to expand the program.

These tips were adapted from the March 2024 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at

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