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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

While research says that most learning occurs on the job, that isn't always ideal—especially when it comes to heavy machinery, such as factory equipment, airplanes, or large brown delivery trucks. That's why UPS announced last year that it will debut a virtual reality (VR) learning experience at its training facilities for its delivery drivers.

UPS started rolling out its VR training for drivers in September. Using VR headsets, the student drivers will see and hear what it's like to drive a large delivery vehicle on city streets, working to spot and identify road hazards, such as pedestrians, parked cars, and oncoming traffic.


The VR training modules, developed by the company's IT experts, will replace touch-screen devices that UPS training facilities currently use to teach these lessons. Once learners complete them, they move on to the next stage of their training: practicing driving UPS delivery trucks in a replica outdoor city with streets, sidewalks, and simulated delivery and pickup sites.

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