February 2022
Issue Map
Two doctors and a nurse stand at podiums as if contestants on a game show. The two doctors have a question mark in a talk bubble above their heads; the nurse has an exclamation point in a talk bubble above her head. Another nurse stands to the side holding an open book. There is a game show-like marquee behind the two doctor and one nurse contestants.
TD Magazine

Doctors at Play

Monday, January 31, 2022

Game-based learning from the American College of Chest Physicians saves time, increases accuracy, and helps relieve stress.

The need for gamification and game-based learning in the medical profession was thrown into sharp relief throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when an American Medical Association survey found that almost half of health workers were experiencing burnout. In a high-stress industry, relieving that pressure and providing a safe space to learn, play, and grow is critical to a succe


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