June 2012
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Effortless Networking

Friday, June 8, 2012

"Networking sucks. With Meeteor, it doesn't have to." This tagline amusingly sums up the straightforward and endearing qualities of Meeteor, a networking support solution. By analyzing a user's social networking accounts, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Meeteor recommends potential individual or corporate networking matches. A user can manage matches within her Meeteor network, and will receive regular and relevant stats about the industries, companies, and individuals with which she has chosen to connect.


According to the website, "Need an introduction to an engineer at Google? Done. We analyze your Facebook stats and recommend some Google engineers you have the most in common with. BOOM! Ice = broken."

Many people are concerned about maintaining their privacy in the midst of a share-obsessed online environment. Meeteor aids in this pursuit: "We do not want to see any evidence of the time you rode in that naked bicycle parade! And neither does your future employer. We'll show you what's exposed, and help you cover it up."

Meeteor also helps its users to stand out in the Facebook crowd. The tool uses information from a person's various online profiles to help him develop a unique and professional web presence.

Learn more about this cool tool at www.meeteor.com.

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