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Friday, March 1, 2024

Unlearning Silence: How to Speak Your Mind, Unleash Talent, and Live More Fully
By Elaine Lin Hering
Penguin Life, 288 pp., $29

Hering's book is a transformative guide that delves deep into the intricate dynamics of silence, unraveling why individuals often withhold their voices and the subtle ways they unintentionally stifle others. The author addresses both employees' and leaders' concerns, making the book a versatile resource for personal development and organizational transformation.


One of the book's strengths is its universal applicability. Whether you're seeking to cultivate courage in communication or fostering a culture of openness within your company, Unlearning Silence offers invaluable tools and ideas.

The author's approach is both insightful and practical, providing readers with a profound understanding of silence's root causes as well as the knowledge to confront and overcome barriers. Many people have taught themselves that if they speak up, their voices won't be received well by others—so not only will circumstances not improve, they may in fact get worse. Unlearning Silence aims to help readers break that pattern of thinking, and Hering skillfully navigates the psychological and societal factors that contribute to a hesitancy to speak up, making the content accessible and relatable.

For individuals striving to communicate more courageously, the book serves as a personal guide that offers useful strategies to break free from silence. The strategies include making intentional choices in how to show up both at home and at work. When individuals are intentional with their choices, it becomes easier to recognize unconscious patterns and change those patterns for the better. The author inspires readers to confront their fears, providing actionable steps to develop a stronger and more authentic voice. Hering's empathetic approach fosters a sense of encouragement that makes the journey to unlearning silence an empowering endeavor.


The author also encourages leaders to create an environment that cultivates unique voices. Through real-world examples and sound advice, Hering enables leaders to dismantle the barriers that hinder effective communication within teams and organizations.

Unlearning Silence is a masterful exploration of the intricate art of communication. Run, don't walk, to read this book. It is such a powerful exploration of voice and the courage and space to use it.

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Marci Morford manages Onboarding, Culture and Innovation Programs at Salesforce. She specializes in eradicating lecture-based learning programs from the planet, and currently runs Engineering Onboarding for Salesforce's software engineers globally.

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