April 2023
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First Person Plural: EI & Beyond

Friday, March 31, 2023

The technical skills you've acquired in school and throughout your career are important, but they're not all you need to move up the proverbial corporate ladder. Those skills help get your foot in the door—and then it's important that you display emotional intelligence, especially if you aspire to be in a leadership role. In a work climate much different than it was three years ago, EI has become a must-have skill for strong leadership.

That's the premise of First Person Plural: EI & Beyond, a Key Step Media podcast co-hosted by New York Times bestselling author Daniel Goleman, his son Hanuman Goleman, and EI coach Elizabeth Solomon.


The podcast goes beyond the theory of EI and focuses on the ability to understand and manage your emotions and those around you. The show's episodes present various real-life stories to inspire mindfulness and resilience in every facet of life. For example, in the episode titled "Transforming Conflict," trained mediator Aaron Wolf discusses lessons learned from mediating conflicts around the world and finding humility in conflict.

In another episode, psychology and psychiatry professor Richard Davidson discusses his research on stress and the brain. And in "The Many Facets of Achievement" episode, leadership advisory consultant Ruth Malloy explains how feedback, affiliation, and standards of excellence can arouse achievement motivation and why that's not necessarily a positive thing.

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