February 2018
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5 Signs a Learning Program Needs to Go

Thursday, February 1, 2018

When you evaluate your training portfolio, look for these signs of a training program that has outlived its usefulness.


Business operations have changed substantially, but the programs that support them haven't.
You likely need additional content to support the change in operations.



The program encourages memorization.
If the stakes are high for execution, consider replacing your content with performance support tools and job aids.


Cost per learner is extremely high compared to your portfolio.
Consider the resources needed each year to run the course, as well as the total learners enrolled.


Total learners enrolled is extremely low compared to your portfolio.
If learners aren't using the material, use evaluation data to create a hypothesis about why. Then test that hypothesis.



The training is the pet project of a former leader.
The leader's advocates may continue supporting it even after it stops fulfilling a specific business need.

About the Author

Jenny Graham is founding partner of Zelus Consulting Group.

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