June 2023
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Five ethnically diverse people are displayed on a lavender background. The row in the background is two people, and there are three people in the foreground. The person to the left in the background has brown hair, a mustache, and a plum-colored shirt that reads "They/Them." The person to the right in the forground has black hair and an orange shirt that reads "She/Her." The person to the left in the foreground has black hair in a bun, gold earrings, a gold necklace, and a green shirt that reads "She/Her." The person in the middle of the foreground has white hair and a yellow shirt that reads "He/Him." The person to the right in the foreground has brown hair, teal eyebrows, teal lips, and a lilac-colored shirt that reads "They/Them."
TD Magazine

Gender Inclusivity With Intention

Thursday, June 1, 2023

There are several ways to enhance the workplace climate for transgender and nonbinary employees.

The intentionality of creating an inclusive workplace environment for transgender and nonbinary employees is a critical and much-needed conversation for many reasons. Research shows that transgender and nonbinary individuals face significant challenges in the workplace, including discrimination, harassment, and bias, which can affect mental health outcomes and job satisfaction. Thirty percent of tran


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