August 2020
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Friday, July 31, 2020

Want to talk about leadership, people strategy, and organizational culture? Then the gothamCulture podcast from the business management consulting firm of the same name is just for you. Each week, industry leaders join the podcast hosts to share their insights on the topic at hand.

In the episode "Leadership Development: Leadership from Your Laptop," Kevin Hyde, president and co-founder of Layer 8 Security, draws upon his experiences in the military and as head of the cybersecurity company to discuss how he successfully navigated changes related to technological innovation, teleworking, and multigenerational teams.


In "Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations," Daniel Denison of Denison Consulting discusses the critical dynamics of culture in global businesses and how habits and routines can be at the heart of culture change. Other topics gothamCulture has featured include executive coaching, turning data into action for organizational culture consulting, and mental wellness and the pandemic.

According to its website, the podcast will equip listeners with strategies and ideas they can use on the job and within their companies. Find gothamCulture in the app store or visit

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