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Head of Remote Work Emerges as a New Position

Friday, July 30, 2021

In another sign that remote work is sticking around, companies are now hiring for a new executive position: the head of remote work. In the LinkedIn Talent Blog post, "Why You Need to Hire a Head of Remote Work—and What That Job Entails," Darren Murph, head of remote at Gitlab, details the many responsibilities associated with the position.

This individual provides support to off-site workers, championing their needs, ensuring they have the right tools to perform their jobs, and keeping them engaged. Additionally, there are key L&D components to the position.


"Who will ensure that learning and development principles address the challenges of remote hiring, remote interviewing, remote onboarding, remote management, remote promotions, and beyond?" Murph writes. "Who will lead existing executives in transforming their expectations and ways of working, coaching them to model the unlearning of old habits and embracing new ones in transparent fashion?"

That's the role of the head of remote work. As Murph points out, "This hire (or the lack thereof) will be a litmus test to job seekers who expect remote work to be supported, not merely allowed."

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