June 2023
Issue Map
There is a white background with seven gray clouds. The cloud in the foreground on the right is much larger than the others. In it, there is grass. Hanging down into the cloud from the top of the image is a person in a green shirt and darker green pants. This person holds a tangled cord attached to a lightbulb that has shattered. In the grassy area of the cloud, a person stands to the left, wearing a blue dress and holding a wrench the size of her own body. To the right, a person wearing a blue shirt and gray pants lifts a new, unbroken, yellow bulb.
TD Magazine

If It's Broken, Fix It

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The first task for this newly created training team was to revamp a program that stakeholders concluded had numerous deficiencies.

In 2017, American autonomous driving technology company Waymo, formerly known as the Google Self-Driving Car Project, was growing quickly, hiring as many as 24 safety drivers weekly. However, leadership faced problems with training.


For instance, dispatchers and engineers with little to no quality assurance or defensibility measures managed onboarding and upskilling

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