July 2017
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

If you're interested in the dynamics of trust, social learning, and how they fit within your organization—and would like to see visual illustrations of those concepts—you'll find all of that in Julian Stodd's Learning Blog. It is written and maintained by its namesake, Julian Stodd, who is an author, speaker, researcher, and founder of the consultancy Sea Salt Learning.

He brings a wealth of experience to his writing—along with a flair for the creative. Updated nearly every day with content, the blog features everything from digital sketches of the reasons people resist change to pictures and reflections from Stodd's travels around the world.


One of the blog's most interesting aspects is Stodd's use of a digital sketchbook to illustrate his ideas. You can see an example of this in the post "Sketching the Socially Dynamic Organisation." In it, Stodd uses a visualization to show how a company's behavior and mindset flow from its purpose. Together with Stodd's musings, these sketches will make the blog both informative and entertaining for most talent development professionals.

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