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Learning Together

Create a cohort learning program to increase collaboration and capabilities.


Mon Jun 03 2024


Cohort learning—in which participants begin, proceed, and conclude a training program or course together—has many benefits, as Rich Reitter explains in "How to Implement Cohort Learning." The peer support found in cohort learning can lend itself to greater teamwork and problem-solving skills. Further, such a program can bring together diverse perspectives and facilitate better communication.

Depending on an organization's needs, cohort learning can be synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid; in person or virtual; and peer to peer or led by a mentor. Programs must have leadership buy-in, adequate resources, and ready learners.


Consider these questions:

  • How will a cohort learning program provide the company with the skills or knowledge it seeks?

  • How will the L&D department measure success?

  • How does the program align with the organization's larger strategy?

Develop a road map to design a curriculum, sequence the learning, and incorporate assets.

L&D leaders may encounter the following challenges when implementing a cohort learning program.

Diverse skill levels. This may affect the cohort's cohesiveness. Creating subgroups based on similar skill levels can help.

Lack of engagement. Without proper participant involvement, cohort learning loses its effectiveness. Consider adding a surprise element such as posting a question or reflection prompt on a discussion board.


Interpersonal issues. To counteract disagreements, the L&D team can facilitate team-building activities and add conflict resolution programming.

These tips were adapted from the June 2024 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at td.org/TDatWork.

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