February 2022
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Microsoft Transforms Corporate Training Into Television Series

Monday, January 31, 2022

Microsoft's training videos didn't have a reputation of being exciting to watch. That changed, though, when Rashelle Tanner, the company's senior corporate counsel, came up with the idea to make binge-worthy training videos.

Tanner took on the task of refreshing the technology company's compliance learning programs, including its annual Standards of Business conduct course that all employees and board members must complete.


"The course needed to teach employees how to approach ethical challenges with integrity," she writes on the Microsoft Life blog. But making that type of training stick with employees was challenging.

That's when Tanner thought of the idea to turn the training program into a blockbuster television drama—The Trust Code—that is centered on ethical decision making and features relatable characters, relevant story lines, and plot twists. The idea was to get staff hooked on watching the series. Tanner notes in the blog post that despite being nervous about the significant change in the training approach, she received positive feedback from employees after the release of the first season. The training series is now in its fifth season.

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