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New Global Landscape

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
New Global Landscape

The articles in this month's issue examine two very important concepts in globalization: the need to align behaviors and collaborate across cultures and the need to adapt to a workforce without borders.

According to authors David Gartside and Colin Sloman, in their feature article, a different talent landscape will require local leaders "to be adept at responding to local business dynamics, embracing diverse ways of thinking, managing a multicultural workforce, and leading virtual teams across multiple time zones."


And leading virtual teams across multiple time zones can be wrought with misunderstandings and misinterpretations unless learning professionals help them align behaviors and collaborate across cultures. "Virtual teams do not share a common native language, time zone, or country, and usually have different managers. This means that influencing skills are of utmost importance because the manager of a project has no 'hire or fire' power or authority over team members," writes Maureen Bridget Rabotin in her feature article.

She insists that creating a team charter and building a culture is imperative to building an intercultural and inclusive team. Expectations and outcomes must be clear, along with "roles, responsibilities, email etiquette, and expectations of when to work and when not to."

No longer does "going global" equate to a one-size-fits-all approach. "To be more locally responsive, HR organizations will need to shift their mission toward a more 'glocal' approach. In such an approach ... efficient solutions will be carefully balanced with the need to be locally responsive and relevant," write Gartside and Sloman.


Are you hiring globally? How are you ensuring that talent hired across the world has the skills necessary to be successful in your company? The time is now to rethink your strategies for the new global landscape.

Paula Ketter
Editor, T+D
[email protected]

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Paula Ketter is ATD's content strategist. Previously, she served as editor of ATD's periodicals.

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