June 2021
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New Technology Without Training

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

UK companies are embracing new means to accelerate work processes but overlooking the necessary employee development.

Technology is driving the work world, and it will continue to do so, according to new research from the World Economic Forum. Businesses often invest in technology for outcomes that can benefit their bottom lines, such as increased productivity and enhanced communication. However, research compiled by UK-based CW Jobs, an online job site for IT workers, highlights a glaring gap between technology use and training opportunities. In its Tackling Tech Training report, more than 1,500 IT workers and decision makers provide insights on tech training needs.


According to the study, in 2020, nearly three out of four UK businesses reported increased investment in technology, yet only about one in 10 have provided workers with sufficient training for that tech. For example, Microsoft Teams and other communication tools have become an integral part of workplace culture. Researchers found that although more than 80 percent of UK companies have invested in such remote communication tools, only 13 percent have provided employees adequate training to properly use them.

Employers note the challenges to providing that training include maintaining employee engagement and showing remote workers how to use the technology. IT decision makers point out that there is room for improvement, with the majority expressing dissatisfaction in workers' use of new technologies, while surveyed workers said the onus is on their employers to provide adequate training.

The report indicates that to address this stark disconnect, more than half of UK companies have planned for a significant uptick in tech training investment for 2021. Given workplaces will continue to adopt new technologies, worker training must be a key consideration for businesses to get the most out of their tech investments and achieve the desired results.

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Derrick Thompson is a former writer/editor for ATD.

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