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Paul Wilson’s Adobe Captivate Tutorials

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

If you work in e-learning design, you might have experience with Adobe Captivate, a popular course authoring tool. And if you want to move into e-learning design, you'll probably want to learn how to use it. However, getting started can be difficult. As with many other technology tools, learning to use Adobe Captivate usually entails a learning curve, and even experienced users often bump into features that seem unwieldy or difficult to use.

That's where Paul Wilson's Adobe Captivate Tutorials come in. When you visit this YouTube channel, you'll find more than 140 different videos explaining the various features of the software tool.


Most videos are less than 20 minutes long, and each one shows exactly what you should look for on your screen when trying to perform specific tasks. The tutorials cover a range of topics from basic tasks, such as creating your own multiple-choice questions, to more advanced ones, such as converting a course to responsive design so it works on mobile devices. For beginners, Wilson has created a "Getting Started Playlist" to ensure you can find all the information you need to master the software's basics.

So, if you're new to Adobe Captivate and want a crash course, or if you need help with a specific challenge or feature, visit this YouTube channel for guidance.

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Paul has provided a fantastic resource and he should be both praised and rewarded for his efforts. He has my great respect.
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