June 2013
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Pigs in the Office … and Other Strange Sights

Saturday, June 8, 2013

In a new survey from The Creative Group, advertising and marketing executives described the strangest or most surprising items they have seen in an employee's office. Based on more than 750 telephone interviews in the United States and Canada, the most bizarre sightings include

  • a live pig
  • a punching bag
  • a pair of men's underwear
  • a hair dryer
  • a drawer full of clothes.

It seems many "out-of-the-box" creative professionals also have wacky tastes, as evidenced by the snacks employers found such as

  • a jar of pickled pigs' feet
  • a whole pineapple
  • banana peels
  • a bottle of vodka.

In light of these strange findings, The Creative Group offers four tips for creating a polished workspace that also inspires creativity. Although these considerations may seem commonsensical, it's important to regularly remind employees of standard office space etiquette.
Play nice. If your organization doesn't have policies guiding office display, take cues from your colleagues' workspaces.

Don't offend. Avoid inappropriate calendars, racy photos, controversial political photos, or other items that can create controversy.

Be a minimalist. Stay simple with a few pieces of tasteful decor, and avoid cluttering your office with excessive knickknacks, which can be distracting.

Keep it neat. A messy workspace gives others the impression that you're disorganized. Take time weekly to clean your office. Neatness encourages both your mental health and your co-workers' visual peace.

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