December 2023
Issue Map
On the left side of the image, a person's right arm and left leg can be seen as they would be in reality. In the middle of the screen is a portal--the person jumps through, from reality into the virtual world. On the right side of the image, the face, right leg, left arm, and torso emerge from the portal in virtual, animated form. In the background, pixelated mountains, rocks, clouds, and landscape have formed.
TD Magazine

Possibilities in the Metaverse

Friday, December 1, 2023

A suite of immersive learning experiences has benefited both employees and patients.

In 2022, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company began its journey into the metaverse, the fusion of physical and virtual realms where people can exist in the same virtual space despite geographical limitations, all while immersed in a vast, computer-generated environment. The metaverse is a digital world containing interconnected digital spaces that enable individuals to interact with each other. It also makes new ways o


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