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Preparing Training for the Learner

Friday, August 8, 2014

In this month's issue of TD at Work (formerly Infoline), author Jeannette Campos explains that "Learner-centered instruction is an important and simple way for any practitioner to prepare instruction that offers the best experience for the participant." This type of training design focuses on four key relationships, all of which revolve around the learner.


Campos provides guidance on how trainers can help advance these relationships by asking the following questions relative to the instruction.

Learner-to-instructor relationship:

  • Am I controlling the classroom discussion only to the degree necessary?
  • Am I encouraging positive experimentation and generating a culture of optimism?

Learner-to-content relationship:

  • Is my content packaged so it can be adopted as a performance support tool in the future?
  • Is there diversity in my content selection?

Learner-to-learner relationship:

  • Am I encouraging interaction among my learners whenever possible?
  • Have I provided students with necessary and sufficient guidance on how to participate in the learner-to-learner relationship?

Learner-to-self relationship:

  • Am I providing sufficient prompts to help the learner build meaning and derive value from the instruction?
  • If I were a learner in this classroom, would I find the learning to be personal and meaningful?

These tips were derived from the August 2014 TD at Work (formerly Infoline), "The Learner-Centered Classroom." Visit

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