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Friday, November 1, 2019

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Employees leave organizations because of their managers—we've all read the stats. So, to retain your top talent, give managers what they need to do their jobs. In "Orient Managers for Career Success," Sharlyn Lauby writes that "Manager orientation is about giving new managers the knowledge and skills they need on day one."

It may sound simplistic, but an effective manager orientation program begins with determining how your organization defines management. Establish your company's definition, which spells out managers' goals and role, through internal input via a survey tool, brainstorming, and continuing to refine until you reach consensus.

From there, check your organization's job postings, descriptions, and performance reviews to see whether they align with the definition. Liken this process to the ADDIE model's analysis step.

Other elements that will help to make manager orientation a success include:

Design and development. Establishing a positive relationship with new managers should be one of your design objectives. Also, incorporate adult learning principles into the program—such as defining what's in it for participants—and bring real-life experiences into the learning.


Implementation and evaluation. A pilot group (or two) can help determine whether content is resonating and activities are effective. Pilot group members can serve as ambassadors, letting others know that managers are set up for success from their first day.


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