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Sorting for Simplicity

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Replacing e-mail with the easiest way to collect and review job applicants." This tag line sums up the abilities of SortBox, a product that compiles and organizes job candidates while keeping one's e-mail account clutter-free. According to founder and CEO Justin Sherratt, "SortBox provides super easy job applicant tracking and organization on the web. It gives any company a landing page for its job openings, an application system, and the most intuitive review system on the market."


In an oversaturated market, SortBox—launched in August—aims to differentiate itself in the talent acquisition space. Compared with similar products that offer large, option-heavy tools geared toward larger corporations with a greater need for versatility, SortBox stands out with its user-friendly platform. "We focus on intuitive simplicity. ... SortBox presents one interface to review multiple data points, not just a name and a résumé," Sherratt explains.

Perhaps the tool's most interesting feature is its ability to simplify and summarize modern applicant information such as skills, training, and additional professional characteristics that are not always appropriate on a traditional résumé. Now employers can learn more details about an applicant's career history and skills profile before the first phone call or interview.

Because SortBox allows employers to look beyond the confines of old-fashioned résumés and view details such as advanced training, education, or certifications earned, prospective employees can showcase diverse career experiences and gain an edge over other applicants.

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