January 2024
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A man uses his apartment (complete with potted plants, velvet couch, and sleeping dog) as a recording studio. Next to the couch, he has set up a desk with comfortable chai, writing utensils in a cup, headphones, laptop, water glass, recording camera, microphone, light source, and backdrop. He reviews a script, almost ready to begin.
TD Magazine

Stick to the Script?

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Expedite the video-creation process by adjusting your approach to script writing.

Scripts are powerful tools that enable video creators to hone and craft their message and vision into reality. Scripts bring clarity. They have been the key that unlocks the door to the video-creation process. Not only are scripts helpful in shaping the direction of a video; they often become important for helping leaders give approval for a project or message, and they give subject matter experts opportunities to


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