June 2023
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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sarah Cannistra quite literally became a trainer overnight. After attending a leadership development class, which she describes as a "career awakening," she approached the instructors and asked them how to become a trainer. They offered her a systems trainer role on the spot, Cannistra says, and within two years, she was overseeing L&D as the training director for an organization of more than 2,500 people.

In 2019, Cannistra started the Overnight Trainer, a business that helps people in all stages of their careers to find jobs in the L&D field, in tandem with an eponymous podcast. After airing the 100th episode earlier this year, she retitled it The L&D Career Club Podcast. Designed for those starting L&D careers or those who have been promoted to an L&D leadership role, the podcast takes "the guesswork out of becoming an L&D professional," says its official description. In this medium, Cannistra aims to "help you find, land, love, and grow in the L&D career of your dreams."


Recent episodes include "What L&D Hiring Managers Really Look for in Candidates," "The L&D Upskilling Myth," and "Auditing Your L&D Career Transition." The L&D Career Club Podcast publishes a new episode every Tuesday. Most of the episodes range between 25 minutes and an hour.

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Her story is so encouraging to hear. I have wanted to become a trainer in the same way, since I went through a leadership development program. I do participate in after hour nonprofit organizations like Jobs4Life and Junior Achievement but, indeed, my career goals are to be a full time corporate trainer. Sign me up!
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