December 2013
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The New Business Etiquette

Sunday, December 8, 2013

We've all sent emails to a co-worker who is sitting just feet away from us. But the next time you're tempted to remain seated instead of getting up to speak in person, remember that the recipient of your email may not be so indulgent. In fact, he is likely to be annoyed with your laziness.


According to The New Rude, a study by Pitney Bowes, communication technology often backfires in the workplace when used carelessly. In fact, irritations stemming from technology make up nine of the top 10 office pet peeves:

  • not looking somebody in the eye while shaking hands (55 percent)
  • not muting your phone during a conference call (51 percent)
  • checking emails during meetings (48 percent)
  • checking texts during a business lunch (46 percent)
  • receiving LinkedIn invites from somebody you don't know (29 percent)
  • sending an email to a colleague at the next desk (23 percent)
  • sending email invitations to meetings without listing the purpose (22 percent)
  • using text-speak in emails (22 percent)
  • continuing an email chain rather than picking up the phone (18 percent)
  • talking on the phone in public areas (17 percent).

Although it may be difficult to keep track of how etiquette functions across the multiple media platforms and devices we use for communication today, a good rule of thumb is to give your undivided attention to the person with whom you're communicating.

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