March 2019
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The Upper Echelon of Critical Thinking

Friday, March 1, 2019
The Upper Echelon of Critical Thinking

Most leaders are well aware of the increasing rate of change in today's workplace. VUCA—volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—is a well-known concept. We've mentioned it often in this magazine; various articles have described ways for talent development functions, leaders, and individual contributors to adjust to the constant change, be ready for what may come, and react appropriately. There isn't a single solution, and the different strategies are always worth sharing.

This month, Bonnie Hagemann and Sae Schatz discuss in their cover story the need for leaders to master a new, advanced skill: cognitive readiness. They describe it as the upper echelon of critical thinking and detail its various components, including sense-making, metacognition, and problem solving. "Business trends indicate that the higher-level critical thinking skills of cognitive readiness are now on the forefront of necessary competencies for collaboration, safety, and winning in today's marketplace," the authors write.


How are your decision-making skills? Are you often analyzing situations and brainstorming new solutions? Are you asking the same of your employees?

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Vanessa St. Gerard is editor-in-chief of TD magazine.

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